OX Farming
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Mission Log
You MUST complete all 3 Missions to receive rewards.
The qualifying period to complete missions is 00:00-23:59 UTC daily.
Rewards will be automatically distributed to your OX.FUN account.
The eligible OX balance for rewards is the lowest balance within the daily qualifying period.
You can complete the missions in any order.
Your size is not size
HODL a 1X or greater leveraged position.
Maintain an open position with a size greater than or equal to your OX Balance. e.g. if your OX balance is 1M OX, hold a trade position of at least 1M OX
For a 1X leverage trade you must hold that position for the entire 24 hour period to complete the mission. Your position can be long or short on any listed pair on OX.FUN and can be comprised of multiple positions simultaneously.
Degen Mode: Increase your size and leverage to reduce the amount of time you need to hold a trade position/s open. e.g.Hold 2X leverage position/s for 12 hours.Hold 4X leverage position/s for 6 hours.Hold 8X leverage position/s for 3 hours.
Feed the OX
Bid on OX Perps.
Place and maintain a bid (buy order) on the OX/USD perps pair.
Bids must be placed and maintained within 5% of the mark price e.g. if the mark price on OX/USD perps is $0.01 bids must not be below $0.0095.
Size of bids must be at least 5% of your OX balance. E.g. if your OX balance is 1M OX your bids must be for at least 50,000 OX.
If you bid the minimum amount of 5% of your balance your bid must be active for at least 12 hours in the 24 hour qualifying period.
Degen Mode: Increase the size of your bids to reduce the amount of time you need to hold the bids for e.g.Bid for 10% of your OX balance for 6 hours.Bid for 20% of your OX balance for 3 hours.Bid for 40% OX for 1.5 hours.
Shepherd the Herd
Trade Perps.
Trade Perps (long or short).
Your trade volume must be at least 0% relative to your OX balance. E.g. if your OX balance is 1M OX you must trade at least 0 OX in futures within each 24 hour period.
Connect wallet to see your OX balance, your potential rewards and task progress