Battle Vaults

Master Traders

Find Master Traders. Copy their trades. Earn and repeat.
Getting started with copy trading
Get ready to earn passive income from copying the trades of our Master Traders in a few easy steps.
Three easy steps
Find and select a Master Trader Vault you like and hit 'Copy'.
Input the amount of $OX you want to stake aka invest into this Vault and confirm. (If you haven’t deposited $OX yet, go here.)
That's it! You will start earning yield in $OX from the subscribed Vault starting the next day until you unstake from it.
Moar details
Your copy trading returns are calculated based on the relative size of your staked $OX compared to the entire Followers’ OX of the Vault.
You can stake into multiple Vaults at the same time.
Staking into Vaults is not time-dependent. You can stake and withdraw any time.
For even more info, check out our Support pages.