Gamified crypto perps trading
Trading crypto derivatives just got OX.FUN
Trade anytime, anywhere
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Copy Master Traders
Copy notorious traders in the OX Community. Stake their Copy Trading Vaults and automatically start earning from their trades.
Become a Master Trader.
Think you have what it takes? Start a vault, set a commission up to 50% and grow a herd of your own.
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Earn Fees in Prison
Lock your $OX in Prison and earn a portion of collected $OX fees plus treasury emissions. The longer you’re locked in Prison, the more you earn.
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Tell your frens to join the FUN and earn 69% fee share.
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1. Deposit $OX
Connect your wallet, deposit $OX and own your earnings end-to-end.
2. Deposit Anything to Trade Anything
Users can deposit a wide variety of coins as collateral to trade on OX.FUN including OX, BTC, ETH, USDT, and meme coins such as MOG.
3. Get $OX and $MILK
Your winning trades automatically get converted to $OX. Not so lucky? No worries. Close a losing trade and get rewarded $MILK tokens.
What drives us.
OX.FUN brings back the joy of trading through gamification and depositing anything to trade anything.
Many ways to earn.
OX.FUN rewards engagement with the platform: trading and earning $OX (or when losing, $MILK), completing trading missions, competing in leaderboard competitions or staking copy trading vaults.
Trade now
Bringing the OX energy.
Use all types of collateral, from majors to memecoins, at industry beating LTVs
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